Bringing Your Bathroom Designs to Life

Take a look at our sister company – Action Bathrooms. We can help you design your dream bathroom using cutting edge 4D Virtual Reality technology. Map out your space using accurate measurements and watch as we bring your vision to life.

Helping You Visualise Your Dream Bathroom

Using our state-of-the art 4D virtual technology, once you put on our VR headset, we’ll transport you into a world where you can see exactly what your beautifully crafted bathroom will look like.

You’ll be able to walk around the room in stunning detail. Cabinets can be opened; taps can be turned on. You essentially get to experience everything before you make your final design choices.

We can eliminate any doubts you may have, with the ability to swap and change sinks, showers toilets and finishing touches with just a few simple clicks. When it comes to designing your new bathroom, let us help you take out the guess work and bring your bathroom dreams to reality.

How Does It Work?



Spend some time with us in our studio to tell us what your dream bathroom looks like, and our designers will work their magic to achieve your objectives and work to your budget.


4D Experience

This is the fun part, where you pick your fixtures and fittings, colours and room layout.



Using our VR, you’ll then be able to visualise first-hand your bathroom design before making any final changes.



Now we make your dreams a reality with our trusted team of tradespeople who will bring the design to life.

Designing in VR allows for a more accurate and realistic representation of the space, enabling you and the designers to visualize the final product before it is even built.

This can help to identify potential design flaws or limitations that may not have been apparent through traditional design methods.

Virtual reality provides a more immersive and interactive experience, allowing for real-time adjustments to be made and ensuring that the end result meets your exact specifications.


Make an appointment now to come and see our 4D Design Studio first hand.

Head over to our sister company Action Bathrooms to find out more. Action Bathrooms is part of the Action Heat Group and strives to create your dream bathrooms using the highest quality materials with experts in all trades together in one place.

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